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We will prepare you for the SAT. You can rely on us!

SAT Reasoning Test –preparation course

Students usually begin with the SAT preparation in the 12th grade so that they can go on to university directly after graduation. Students are, with a few exceptions, admitted for the fall semester starting in September (Fall Quarter). Applications must be submitted from November to January. The preparation for the SAT must start early for two reasons: firstly, to avoid time conflicts with the preparation for the high school diploma and, secondly, because the Critical Reading section requires an at least passive mastery of approximately 3000 highly unusual words. This part of the SAT is not only very difficult for non-native speakers. Vocabulary cannot be learnt overnight. Therefore, the SAT preparation begins with the daily learning of some vocabulary. For this, our students get special programs that facilitate learning vocabulary.

MBAhelp has been offering SAT preparation courses for over 20 years. Our SAT courses take place all year, which means you can start at any time. But first it is important to determine three parameters:

a) Your current knowledge level

b) Your objectives

c) Application deadlines

If you have taken the SAT or the pre-test, we will use those scores to determine your current level of knowledge. If you have not taken the SAT yet you can download and take the SAT diagnostic test and then send it to us for analysis.

Training objectives are different for each individual. For example, numerous candidates apply at the most prestigious universities (SAT scores of 2100 points required) while others apply at accredited universities (for this you need SAT scores in the range from 1700 to 1900 points). For universities offering athletic scholarships, for example, candidates usually require at least 820 points in the Math and Critical Reading sections. The higher the score, the better the quality of the university at which you can apply and the better possibilities, to not only receive sports scholarships but also academic scholarships. It is therefore worthwhile to achieve the highest possible SAT score. In some cases, universities only consider the results of the Math and Critical Reading section, meaning that the results from the Writing section are not relevant.

We recommend that you telephone or get in touch in person with one of our MBAhelp specialists. We are happy to advise you regarding the preparation for the SAT in our courses or through interactive Web-based coaching and can help you develop an optimal approach to learning. Only an optimal preparation will ensure that you obtain a high score.


Combine your SAT course with a TOEFL course and with the selection of universities. Our specialists will show you how to start a Common Application for example and how you can get good reference letters from your teachers.

SAT or ACT? Read our comments in the FAQ section

SAT Courses in group lessons


One-week full time preparatory courses for intensive and efficient preparation for the SAT Reasoning Test. You will work with SAT-specialists, for both the Math portion and the Verbal Section, using our SAT Preparation Material and Study Books

Start dates

These week-long courses take place during the Easter, Pentecost, summer, autumn and Christmas holidays and allow for a compact and successful SAT test preparation. You can find the exact dates on the website.

Course types: Group lessons, minimum 3, maximum 8 participants

Times: Monday – Friday from 09:00 – 12:00 (Maths), 14:00 – 17:00 (Verbal, Writing)

Location: MBAhelp Frankfurt am Main

Fees: EUR 1.190, – per participant including SAT Study Book, Benchmark Problems, Handouts

Registration: There are only a limited amount of places. Please click on the registration button to register for the SAT-Intensive course.

SAT Courses in Individual lessons


Appointments are flexibly selectable. You can either work intensively (e.g., 5 days per week with 4 teaching lessons) or extensively (e.g. 2 teaching lessons per week) with our coaches. You will work with SAT-specialists for the math portion and the Verbal Section using our SAT preparation materials and study books. We recommend 20 hours to ensure all bases are covered.

Course start date: Can be chosen flexibly

Courses type: Individual lessons

Location: MBAhelp Frankfurt am Main or online via Skype/Webex

Fees: EUR 65, – per 45 minute lesson including SAT Study Book, Benchmark Problems, Handouts

Registration: Please click on the registration button to register for the SAT individual lesson course.

SAT Subject Test Courses

SAT II Math IC / IIC 2 Day Workshop Schedule

The SAT II Subject Tests are important for the colleges for two reasons which are closely related. First, the tests show your interest, your knowledge and talent on certain issues. Second, the SAT II test shows how your math skills rank in national and international comparison due to their standardization.

The SAT Subject Test in mathematics consists of 50 multiple-choice questions which must be answered within an hour. There are 5 possible answers to each question. Each correct answer gets 1 point, you lose ¼ point for every wrong one and unanswered questions get 0 points.

Approximately 10-14% of the questions have numbers and numerical operations as content, 48-52% Algebra and Functions, 28-32% treat geometry (Coordinate geometry, three-dimensional geometry, and trigonometry) and 6-10% data analysis, statistics and probability.

Course type: Individual lessons

Intensity: 1 day with 8 x 45 minute teaching lesson

Location: MBAhelp Frankfurt am Main

Fees: EUR 65, – per participant and per 45 minute lesson

Registration: There are only a limited amount of places. Please click on the registration button to register for the SAT-Subject Test course.

Session 1
Session 2
Session 3
Session 4
15 min. Introduction and Strategies AlgebraMath IC Algebra Strategies
Writing Equations
Manipulating Equations
Zero Product
Absolute Value
Systems of Equation
Common Word Problems
Session 5
Session 6
Plane Geometry
Solid Geometry
Coordinate Geometry
Lines and Angles
Solids That Aren’t Prisms
Relating Length, Surface Area and Volume
Inscribed Solids
Solids Produced by Rotating Polygons
The Coordinate Plane
Lines and Distance
Graphing Linear Inequalities
Other Important Graphs and Equations
Coordinate Space
Session 7
Session 8
TrigonometryBasic Functions
Solving Right Triangles
Trigonometric Identities
Graphing Trigonometric Functions
The Unit Circle
Radians and Degrees
Graphing in the Entire Coordinate Plane
Course 2
Session 1
Session 2
FunctionsCharacteristics of a Function
Evaluating Functions
Compound Functions
Inverse Functions
Domain and Range
Graphing Functions
Session 3
Session 4
StatisticsStatistical Analysis
Permutations and Combinations
Group Questions
Session 5
Session 6
Miscellaneous MathLogic
Imaginary and Complex Numbers
Session 7
Session 8
Practice Test60min. practice test
45 min. corrections

MBAhelp SAT preparation course advantages:

  • You decide your schedule, that means you can personalize your course completely flexibly, for example, intensive, extensive, on weekends – whenever you have time
  • Permanently updated SAT-preparation material
  • Supervision by experienced, American SAT specialists on a full time basis
  • Individual SAT-Coaching, special course in groups
  • Can be combined with TOEFL-Courses
  • Ongoing personal support, also available as Web-Based-Training
  • Tracking your preparation progress
  • Modern rooms, Computer Labs und Wi-Fi access for our customers
  • Free diagnostic-tests
  • Free, unlimited practice possibilities for our participants
  • The content of your SAT private lessons course is customized to your needs, for example, focus on Maths or language (verbal, writing)
  • You determine the teaching speed
  • With extensive courses you can move your schedule up to 24 hours in advance for free, if something should come up
  • No minimum term, no minimum stay – you only pay for the classes effectively obtained
  • Support in the selection of universities and essay editing, in Common Application and supplementary materials at special rates
  • Assistance with reference letters, transcripts and translations
  • Quality guarantee, 100% satisfaction

Support with cover letters and Essays

Stand out from the crowd. When applying for a place in the United States not only your SAT score and your performance in school are critical, but also the essays for the Common Application and for the individual universities. Every year hundreds of applicants are rejected from universities, even though they provide good results in the SAT Reasoning Test and the SAT Subject Tests as well as excellent reference letters from their teachers and above-average grades. The Admissions Officers spend nearly half their time reading and reviewing essays. Based on your essays they can compare you with candidates with similar SAT scores, school grades, hobbies etc. To stand out from the crowd, you must write excellent essays in which you present your personality in an interesting and creative way. Particularly in applications for places in the US you have to learn to present yourself properly.

On request, MBAhelp essay specialists will gladly support you when writing essays and assist you in the application process. For a successful application, please contact us. We are happy to help.

Marie-Louise W.:

Thank you very much for your friendly help I did quite well on my SATsl, I have 730P in Critical Reading, scored 710 in writing and 780 in Maths. Thus a combined score of 2220 points.

Dominic R.:

Have now received my SAT Results. 790 in math (total 2190). Think the results speak for themselves and clearly show that you prepared me very well me. I wanted to thank you again at this point.

Raphael R.:
ich habe die Ergebnisse des Oktober SATs erhalten. Die Gesamtpunktzahl ist 2170 (740 Math, 730 Verbal, 700 Writing). Ich dachte Math wäre um einiges höher, aber das Gesamtergebnis scheint mir doch akzeptabel (in vier Stunden Prüfung passiert halt der ein oder andere Flüchtigkeitsfehler). Jetzt, vergangenen Samstag habe ich die SAT Subject Tests abgelegt. Ich hoffe, dass das Ergebnis positiv wird (SAT French habe ich bereits im Juni mit 780 abgelegt).

Achim H.:
Meine SAT scores sind reading 620 writing 630 und math 790. Vielen Dank für die tolle Vorbereitung!
Ich habe gestern die decision-Mail von Harvard bekommen, ich wurde genommen!!! 🙂
Ich habe Ihnen die Mail weitergeleitet, wenn Sie sich die mal durchlesen wollen.

I am delighted to inform you that the Committee on Admissions has admitted you to the Class of 2016 under the Early Action program. Please accept my personal congratulations for your outstanding achievements.
In recent years, nearly thirty-five thousand students have applied for the sixteen hundred and fifty places in the freshman class. Faced with many more talented and highly qualified candidates than it has room to admit, the Admissions Committee has taken great care to choose individuals who present extraordinary academic, extracurricular and personal strengths. In making each admission decision, the Committee keeps in mind that the excellence of Harvard College depends most of all on the talent and promise of the people assembled here, particularly our students. In voting to offer you admission, the Committee has demonstrated its firm belief that you can make important contributions during your college years and beyond.

Vielen Dank für alles! Ohne Ihre Hilfe hätte ich es nicht geschafft.

Amon G.:

Am very happy with the decision from the United States. Have received commitments from NYU, Case Western, University of Michigan and the College of William & Mary and am on the waiting list at Johns Hopkins. Unfortunately it was not quite enough for Stanford Have now decided for the College of William & Mary and going to start to study in August. Thanks for your help with the entire application process!

Daniel M.:
wie versprochen sind Sie einer der ersten dem ich Bericht erstatte. Eben gerade habe ich von Berkeley die erste Zusage bekommen und bin einfach nur total glücklich und gespannt, was nächste Woche noch alles passieren wird, vielen Dank für Ihre Hilfe bei den Bewerbungen, es hat sich ausgezahlt 🙂 Werde dann weiter berichten…

Lukas S.:

Wow: I have received four commitments: NYU, L.A., Washington and Austin, Texas! In L.A. 1000 admitted for 10870 applicants at NYU, there were 38,000 applicants. Thank you for your help in choosing the universities, in the SAT preparation and for your support in the essay, Common Application and the entire application process. Without your help I would never have made it this far. I look forward to my studies in the United States. The question now is where….

Fabian B.:
Hier ist mein Update ueber meine Unibewerbung:
Von den drei Unis hat
1. Notre Dame sich noch nicht gemeldet, der Brief sollte aber bis April noch eintreffen.
2. Bentley University mir eine Zusage geschickt und
3. Babson College, meine absolute lieblings Uni, mir folgendes geschickt:
After a careful review of a talented group of applicants, I am pleased to offer you admission to Babson College under our Regular Decision program. Due to your impressive credentials and potential for success, you have been selected to join the 470 members of Babson College’s Class of 2014. We thoroughly enjoyed learning about your academic and personal achievements during our review process. It is clear that you have a promising future and that you will contribute to the Babson Community in meaningful and significant ways. Our decision to admit you was made after assessing many criteria, most important of which was your academic preparation and performance. Therefore, our offer of admission is contingent upon continued success for the remainder of your senior year. In order to reserve your place in Babson’s Class of 2014, please submit your non-refundable enrollment confirmation fee no later than May 1, 2010. The most expedient and preferred way to reserve your place at Babson is to submit your enrollment agreement form and enrollment confirmation fee online through your My Babson account. Students wishing to reply by mail may do so, but should be aware of the time-sensitive nature of our deadlines. Congratulations on this most recent accomplishment in your life. I look forward to personally welcoming you into our community next fall. In the meantime, please accept my sincere wishes for a successful and memorable conclusion to your high school career.
Ich bin im Moment wirklich ausser mir vor Freude! Vieeeelen, vieeeeeelen Dank fuer Ihre tolle Hilfe!!!

Alex M.:
ich habe nunmehr alle College Decisions erhalten und bin sehr zufrieden: Habe insgesamt 4 Zusagen bekommen (Berkeley, Duke, Dartmouth, Cornell), 1 Waitlisted (NYU) und 4 Absagen. Da fiel es mir nicht schwer, mich gleich für Dartmouth, meine Lieblingsuni, zu entscheiden. Ich bedanke mich nochmals für das exzellente Bewerbungscoaching.

Alexander R.:
nun ist es soweit: meine Uni Application mit allen Essays, Teacher Evaluations, Reports und Tests ist soweit abgeschlossen. Gestern habe ich noch meine letzten SAT Reasoning Ergebnisse bekommen und bin mit einem Total Score von 2140 punkten eigentlich ganz zufrieden. Meine Subject Tests waren ja beide 800 punkte in Mathe 2 und Physics und mit denen bin ich auch hoch zufrieden. Ab jetzt liegt die Entscheidung nicht mehr in meinen Händen. Ich denke ich habe ein Bestes gegeben und akzeptiere die Entscheidungen, die Ende März gefällt werden…

Peter S.:
alle Ergebnisse sind draußen und ich habe positive Nachrichten aus Amerika: Ich habe Angebote von CalTech, Cornell, Stanford und Yale bekommen. Ich denke diese Ergebnisse werfen auch gutes Licht auf das SAT Trainigsprogramm an Ihrem Institut. Dennoch muss ich in den nächsten Tagen schwere Entscheidungen treffen. Es wird nicht leicht und ich freue mich über jeden Rat, Tip und jede Hilfe. Vielleicht könnten Sie mir einen Rat geben. Meine enge Wahl liegt zwischen CalTech, Stanford und Yale. Ich weiß nicht genau welchen Weg ich einschlagen möchte. Ich lege großen Wert auf die Menschen, den Campus und natürlich auch die Academics. Alle drei Unis erfüllen die Kriterien und übertreffen meine Erwartungen. Ich würde mich sehr freuen, wenn Sie mir diesbezüglich ein paar Tips geben könnten. Vielen herzlichen Dank im Voraus und eine schöne Zeit!

Alexander M.:
habe soeben meine SAT Reasoning Scores online erfahren, wobei die endgültige, detaillierte übersicht erst am 3.11 folgt. Demnach habe ich einen Score von 1970 (CR 620 – MATH 700 – WR 650) erzielt. Ich bin sehr zufrieden. Jetzt konzentriere ich mich dann voll und ganz auf 3 erfolgreiche Subject Tests im Dezember.

Lukas S.:
Hurra!!! Ich habe 1990 Punkte erzielt: 650 Critical Reading, 640 Mathe, 700 Writing. Ich bin zuversichtlich, dass ich mit diesen Scores von meinen Lieblingsunis in den USA angenommen werde: NYU Tisch. USC und Dartmouth. Vielen Dank für Ihre Hilfe. Jetzt geh es weiter mit den Essays für Common Applications, mit den Supplemental Essays und mit den Evaluations. Hier freue ich mich auch auf Eure Hilfe.

Kevin H.:
Also hier sind meine Testscores und die Ergebnisse meiner Bewerbungen:
SAT Reasoning Test:
Reading 710, Percentile = 96%
Math 690 Percentile = 93%
Writing 700 Percentile = 96%
= 2100
Meine Subject Test Ergebnisse waren
660 French
760 Chemistry
770 Math II
Vielen Dank für Ihre Unterstützung im Berwerbungsprozess. Um es kurz zu machen, hier ist die Ausbeute:
Stanford – Accepted Early
Cornell – Accepted
Colgate – Accepted
Amherst – Waitlisted
Middlebury – Waitlisted
Harvard – Rejected
Yale – Rejected
Princeton – Rejected
Ich muss gestehen, dass ich ein wenig überrascht bin, dass ich bei Yale und Amherst nicht reingekommen bin, da war ich mir ziemlich sicher, eine Zusage zu erhalten. Aber ich habe erfahren, dass Logik eine untergeordnete Rolle im Bewerbungsverfahren spielt. Insgesamt bin ich mit dem Ergebnis sehr zufrieden, zumal mir jetztz die Entscheidung leichter fällt: Stanford, ich komme!!!! Ich kann stolz verkünden, dass ich mich bei Stanford eingeschrieben habe.
Vielen Dank nochmal für Ihre Unterstützung.

Henning S.:

I have good news to report: I have received several commitments from some Ivy League schools (including Harvard and Brown) and even a promise of a full scholarship (Boston College). Ultimately I chose Columbia after I chose the Early Decision.
At this point I would like to thank you for the excellent care of MBAhelp, especially with Frank and Edward, my SAT trainer. With my 720 in the math portion of the SAT Reasoning Test, I was particularly happy. As of August I will be studying in New York!

Should you want more detailed information, please get in contact with us or click here or on „Request Information“in the main menu.

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