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GRE Preparation

Without intensive preparation, you cannot  pass the Graduate Record Examination – GRE – successfully. Many candidates think that they will achieve good results because they believe they have reasonably good English and possess adequate quantitative skills. Often the GRE’s difficulty is underestimated thus causing a lot of disappointment.

MBAhelp can help you to boost your GRE scores, and thus come an important step closer to a place on either a bachelor, master or PhD program of a renowned university. Our GRE courses and seminars, in conjunction with our GRE preparation, will allow you to achieve best results in the shortest timeframe. Our GRE, GMAT, TOEFL and SAT teachers are full-time specialists from the United States. All GRE classes are held exclusively in English.


If you need to pass all parts of the GRE, you should begin revising the verbal portion of the GRE several weeks before starting preparation of the math part because it mostly consists of memorizing vocabulary. Under the heading “News and Links” you can find GRE vocabulary exercise software which you can download for free.

The duration of the preparation for the GRE depends on three parameters:

  • your current knowledge
  • your desired / required test results
  • your availability and your living location

To determine your level, you can take a GRE diagnostic test at MBAhelp Frankfurt or online at any time (please see “FAQ” in the top menu bar for more information). The diagnostic test takes about 2.5 hours and is free and without obligation. Please make an appointment (also possible on certain Saturdays). After you have taken the GRE diagnostic test, our experts can develop a personalized GRE preparation plan for you. If you have already taken the GRE in the past and did not reach the required number of points or if you want to improve your current score, please contact us.


GRE Course types
The most common type of preparation for the GRE is the intensive course at MBAhelp in Frankfurt (GRE MAXX). This takes place in individual lessons. However, our range of personal GRE online courses with coaches is growing in demand. Our intensive and online courses offer an attractive way to efficiently prepare for the GRE, especially for candidates who live in other states (about 80% of our students). For the GRE onsite courses you can find a wide selection of accommodation near us in the FAQ category. Students from the Rhein-Main area or from Munich and Berlin and the surrounding areas can partake in both intensive and part-time extensive courses. The GRE online tutoring usually takes place after you have completed a GRE introductory course.


Our GRE courses are customized according to your requirements. The recommended intensity depends on your preparation level, desired score and your availability. Your GRE Trainer will systematically prepare you for the GRE or specifically address your shortcomings, for example, in the quantitative or verbal section.

Start Dates

Possible at any time. We also teach on Saturdays and Sundays. Please register early so that we can consider your availability. Our programs require a lot of effort and motivation of our students. You will, for example, have to write between 20 and 30 essays for the “Analytical Writing assessment” section and take about 8-10 practice tests on the computer in addition to your lessons with native GRE specialists. The results of your GRE practice tests are recorded on a list specially created, which provides information about your GRE progress during the program. Moreover, your practice tests will determine if you have the necessary knowledge to achieve your „dream“ result.

Your GRE-Trainers

Above average results can only be achieved through the combination of high effort and commitment with an excellent faculty. Our teachers are not only GRE experts, they have extensive experience (e.g. more than 10 years experience as a lecturer at Columbia University and at MIT as well as in preparing for the GRE and GMAT) and the ability to communicate complex issues in an understandable manner. Our GRE head coach for example, studied engineering in the United States and has taught more than 15,000 lessons in recent years. He teaches full-time at MBAhelp. His students achieve above-average results in GRE, GMAT and SAT. He is supported by highly qualified and experienced coaches such as specialists, who for example have a Bachelor Degree in mathematics from Columbia University and a doctorate in mathematics from MIT, and have achieved a result of 99% in the GRE (710 verbal, 790 math, 780 analytical, overall 2280 points). All GRE coaches at MBAhelp are intensely trained by us, so that a uniformly high standard of teaching is ensured.

Special program GRE Math Plus

MBAhelp offers special GRE courses with 40 lessons in group lessons focusing on GRE math. The GRE Intensive Course is led by GRE specialists in the quantitative section and provides an optimal preparation for the GRE. It is particularly suitable for candidates who have not prepared for the GRE, but also for applicants who want to improve their skills in the math portion of the Revised GRE to meet the very high requirements.
Dates: 30. September. – 04. Oktober 2013

Course type: Group lessons, minimum 3, maximum 8 participants

Intensity: Monday – Friday from 09:00 – 12:00 and 14:00 – 17:00

Location: MBAhelp Frankfurt am Main

Course fees: EUR 1.190,- per participant including GRE Study Book, Benchmark Problems, Handouts, Speed Drills etc.

Your advantages:

  • The content of your GRE course is customized to your needs, for example, focus on mathematics (Quantitative Section) and / or language (Verbal Section)
  • You determine the teaching speed
  • You decide your schedule, that is, you can personalize your course on a completely flexible basis, for example, intensive, extensive, weekend, online –  whenever it suits you
  • You can start at any time
  • Permanently updated material
  • Experienced, fulltime, American GRE-specialists
  • Individual GRE-coaching
  • Can be combined with TOEFL-courses
  • Ongoing personal  support, also for  Web-Based-Training
  • Tracking your preparation progress
  • Modern rooms, computer-Labs und Wi-Fi access for our customers
  • Free GRE-Diagnostic-Tests
  • Free, unlimited practice opportunities for our participants
  • With extensive courses you can move your schedule up to 24 hours in advance for free, if  something should come up
  • You only pay for teaching effectively obtained
  • 100% satisfaction

Getting a very high score on the quantitative part on the GRE is not impossible, but it is not easy either.

Getting such a score requires the following:

Time strategy, accuracy and the ability to avoid traps.

Full understanding for all areas of basic math (math that requires no calculator) is indispensable.

In our week intensive course we cover all the items required to get very high scores the GRE:

Number Properties

a) odds and evens

b) integers

c) LCM – Lease common multiple

d) HCF – Highest common factor

e) factors // divisors

f) primes

g) divisibility rules

h) remainders

i) factorials

j) multiplications tricks

Exponents & Roots

Averages, Progressions AP and GP (Arithmetic and Geometric Progressions)

Mean, Median, Mode and Standard Deviations

Ratios, Proportion & Variations, Percentages and Fractions

Profit & Loss, Simple and Compound Interest


a) basic

b) linear equations

c) factoring

d) simultaneous equations

e) quadratic equation

f) inequalities

Permutation & Combination Probability


a) lines and angles

b) quadrilateral

c) triangles

d) circles

e) areas and volumes

Coordinate Geometry, Functions

Word problems

a) coins

b) mixtures

c) speed, time, distances and races

d) work

e) set theory

f) age

Michael S

Now five of six universities have said yes:
– University of San Francisco (USF)
– San Jose State University (SJSU)
– San Diego State University (SDSU)
– New York State University (SUNY)
– San Francisco State University (SFSU)
Am only missing the Santa Clara University (SCU), they have asked that I repeat the GRE test, which I did last Friday.
So it might be possible that I receive the go ahead from all my desired university

René E.:
I finally got my online score. As I wasn’t sure I saw the right numbers before, I didn’t tell you. I scored 780 Points. Thanks so much for all your fantastic classes and the mass of material! This was very helpful.

Simon W.:
My Abitur of 2.2 was not particularly good. I had to compensate with a very good GRE, one that would almost automatically open the door for me. Now it’s done: 760 in the math portion of the GRE. Thank you that you helped me that way!

Benjamin S.:

I have just received the results of the GRE. 760 in the math portion! Now I can apply in St. Gallen. A thank you to you and your team, without you I would have never made it!

Adrian S.:
Focussing on math paid off. I did not get the 800 but with 770 I am above the border of 750, as you strongly suggested.

Barbara K.:
Well, I went there myself this morning and good it was:
740 analytical part
580 verbal part
I hope this will help to open ’some doors‘ in the US.
I thank you once again for your help and all the material you provided. The math exercises were really helpful.
PS: Fortunately, much more than 20 words a day is possible *smile*

Michael F.:
The preparatory course at MBAhelp was awesome! I did not know that there are teachers who deal exclusively with the subject GRE! I’m glad I found you. Thank you again!

Olaf E.:
Many thanks for your first class support!

Bettina K.:
I am incredibly grateful for your help, support and motivation. I am proud of my result in the GRE and it was important for me. You got me there.

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