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To pass the GMAT successfully, you will need four elements: The right strategy to solve the questions at the beginning, in the middle and at the end of a section. The skill to identify those kinds of questions immediately and apply the formula required for this purpose. The speed to find the solution using shortcuts under time pressure, and the ability to make a correct, educated guess if you come under time pressure.

During the GMAT math portion (Quantitative Section) you have to answer 37 questions in 75 minutes = 2 minutes per question. In the verbal section you even have to answer 41 questions in 75 minutes = less than 2 minutes per question.


Some questions are only solvable by inserting or back solving. Learn to identify and solve these types of questions using home-made formulas so that you don’t waste any valuable time.

This free GMAT-diagnostic-test allows you to measure your skills and speed and also gives you an idea of the type of questions the GMAT poses. Our course participants also use this test for benchmarking purposes. This GMAT-test consists of 31 questions of which 15 are from the quantitative section and 16 are from the verbal section. You will have 61 minutes to answer all questions.

You will receive your tests results per email as soon as you have finished your test.

Interpretation of your scores:

Scaled Score Right AnswersPercentile %Result
> 29> 91Excellent preparation, expected GMAT-Score 700+
26 - 2883 - 90Very good preparation, GMAT Range 650 - 700
22 - 2570 - 82Good result, GMAT between 580 - 640
16 - 2150 - 69average result, GMAT 500 - 560 points
< 15bis 48GMAT under 500 points

Get a pen and a piece of paper. You may not use a calculator for the GMAT.

Have fun and concentrate!

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