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Secure access to the best universities in the world. We will help and support you energetically. Our GRE Plus Preparation Course combines very high intensity and efficient working in small groups with very attractive conditions. This way you can concentrate purely on the preparation for the math portion of the GRE for five days and achieve above-average results. Mornings and afternoons are spent working with our MBAhelp American GRE specialists who have years of experience in the GRE preparation. Our GRE Plus Preparation Course is ideal for candidates who are at the beginning of their GRE preparation, but also for candidates who want to significantly improve their level of performance and achieve high, above-average scores.

Our GRE trainers will gladly answer any questions regarding our GRE courses, please contact them on: 069 – 23 85 93 12.


Since 2012, the GRE is required for admission to Master’s degree programs exclusively at the HSG in St. Gallen. The GRE cannot be used in place of the St.Gallen-entrance test for undergraduate courses. MBAhelp will soon conduct special training courses for the entrance test of the HSG University of St. Gallen.


Weekly, intensive, full-day preparation for the math portion of the GRE for candidates who require above-average results (minimum 160/760 and more) in the GRE.


5 days: Monday to Friday from 09:00 – 12:00 and from 14:00 – 17:00


– 5 day group lessons (40 teaching hours of 45 min.)
– Minimum 3, maximum 8 participants
– Teaching material (GRE Study Book, Software, Handouts)


Kaiserstr. 10
60311 Frankfurt am Main


EUR 1.190, – per participant

Preparation for the GRE Math Plus extra course

Before the GRE course you will receive special preparation materials. We ask you to familiarize yourself with this material in the time leading up to the course.

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