The essays, together with the GMAT, are the most important parts of an application for an MBA. They must be written with appropriate care. Good things take time. To write a good essay can take up to a month. Our statistics show that one needs to allow for about 8 hours per essay – that is from the moment you start dealing with the essay topic until you submit the essay. Apart from the interview, essays offer the only other opportunity to present one’s experiences, desires, ideas and goals to the admission officers and to convince them moreover, that, given the direct competition with numerous other candidates who have a similar profile, you are the “right” candidate for the targeted MBA program. Along with the references, essays should convey a compelling picture of your character.

If possible, the essays should highlight the following elements:

  • Good academic performance
  • Professional experience or successfully completed internships; having accepted increasing responsibility in current job and made positive contributions to customers, colleagues and the company; gladly accepted and successfully resolved managerial tasks
  • Accustomed to working in diverse teams; dealing with people from different cultures and countries is fun
  • Recognising the importance of globalization; good knowledge of foreign languages and experience abroad.
  • One is a problem solver, you have a can-do mentality
  • Balanced and active life; social commitment

It is important to show both a correct self-expression in a positive sense and a possible future life after the MBA. Although the contents of the essays for the various schools are largely congruent, they differ in number (from one to twelve essays) and in length (12 lines or 100 words to unlimited).

Those who intend to apply in the US and Canada should be very sure of themselves. For German and European standards you will have to over exaggerate. Many candidates, who tend towards modesty, find it extremely difficult to choose formulations that would be unthinkable in Europe. The strategy “I will stay humble and one will discover the pearl in me” is certainly not fitting in view of the ratio of 10 or more applicants per place at many business schools. The essays are expected to be an offensive representation of the candidate clearly presenting his/her recent successes.

Applicants are often faced with two problems: to adapt the content of the essays to the particular requirements of the business schools as well as to choose the style of speech, which is expected by the admission officers of business schools. Many candidates have wasted their chances to be accepted by a good business school, because, although they could produce a good GMAT score, they underestimated the importance of the essay or simply wrote bad essays. And bad essays are immediately noticeable. Some admission officers read up to 13 applications a day. They notice which essays were written in a very short time and which were thoughtful, structured and brilliantly written.

There are numerous issues that need to be taken into account when writing good essays. Creativity, passion, humour, good lead-ins and lead-outs are some elements of good essays. On the other hand, there are many no-no’s – that is, elements that strongly affect the quality of MBA Essays and therefore do not belong in them.

Our MBAhelp specialists offer professional support. We can help you in many ways to reach your full potential. The best way is that you put together a catalogue of all essay topics requested by your dream MBAs; then create a detailed structure of the content and statements in keywords, discuss these in a consultation with an MBAhelp specialist (feel free to call or Skype) and then write the essays. We will supply you with numerous examples and templates that will facilitate your work considerably. Once you have created your final version, it may be revised stylistically and editorially on your request by of our native editing specialists. This gives you a linguistically optimized final product. Your benefits:

  • Individual counselling by full-time specialists
  • Editing service by native speaker linguists
  •  Direct personal and telephone contact with your supervisor – no anonymous ghost-writer
  •  Cost transparency through estimates for each step
  • Fast processing
  •  Reasonable costs, special rates for students, highest quality


Never exceed the specified word or page number of your essays, never use quotes: Admissions Officers would like to know what you think about a particular topic.

Sofia P.:
I thank you so much for your great support and help in my MBA application preparation! You really made the best out of my essays! I’m very satisfied with the results of your job! You have not only just corrected the original text, but being able to understand my ideas you also enriched the essay with strong and concise expressions making the essay very clear and sound. I have sent out 3 applications for INSEAD, LBS and Oxford Said. Let’s see how it works

Ikumi T.:

I am very pleased to inform you that I have been invited for

interview from HEC Paris!! Thank you very much for your help.

Boris K.:
Thank you very much once more! The final essays are really great (my personal favourite is the „unhappy triad“). My personal ranking regarding the Business school is
• Stanford
• Harvard
• Wharton
• Berkeley
So I have invested most of my energy in the Stanford essays. However, good to know that the essays for the other three schools are compelling too. I will keep you in the loop about my application process…

Nikolai D.:
Hi everyone, just wanted to (again) let you know that I have been accepted by NYU Stern for the MBA class of 2011! I want to say thank you for all your help and endurance while supporting me! Maybe we can celebrate this together with a common dinner somewhere close to the MBAhelp offices.

Kay-Oliver B.:
Thanks again for your great work. I have submitted my application to Chicago Booth and was invited to an interview with the admissions committee in London.

Uwe V.
I made it into Stanford. This is awesome!!!! Stanford was always my No. 1. Yesterday I accepted the offer and withdrew all other applications (I received 5 invitations to interview out of 6 applications, which is a fantastic result). All this is closely connected to very powerful essays, which I was able to submit with your help. Thank you so much for all your great input and the magical polishing of my essays. I will come to Frankfurt within the next weeks/months to thank you in person.

Caroline J.:
I want to say thank you for supporting me with my MBA application. I was very pleased with your work which helped me do well. The interview went fine. The references and essays turned out great and on Friday I took the GMAT. I felt well prepared going in and scored better than on some of the test-tests. So thanks again to you all. It was fun working with you.

Marco P.:
Hello David. Very, very good job. Well done. Fantastic, wonderful, great, extraordinary, perfect ….. I am very pleased. Thank you very much.

Markus P.:
After having submitted already 2 applications (and received in both cases an acceptance), I have decided to also apply at IMD in Lausanne. My intention is to write the essays until 17 May. Please let me know if you have time to revise the essays until 23 May, since the application needs to arrive in Lausanne before 1 June.

Jürgen F.:
Thanks again for your extraordinary dedication to “polish” my essays on very short notice and thereby helping me to meet my deadline.

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