How do I find the right program for me?

The estimated number of programs offered is around 4000. In the US alone there are over 1,000 MBA programs, in Germany there are now more than 200. The selection of the “right” business schools can take several weeks to complete. The internet is one of the most important tools. The websites www.mbainfo.com (English) and www.mba-net.de/Kostenlose-Analyse.htm (German) contain forms for the selection of programs. Get in touch with the schools, visit their informative events and visit the MBA fairs.

Can I use the academic MBA title?

The use of academic titles is dependent on state approval, particularly in programs where the title is allocated by a foreign provider. Each prospective MBA candidate should inform themselves in advance whether the title of the MBA program completed by him/her can be used legally in Germany. Illegally using a title is even a crime in Germany (§132a StGB)!

What is accreditation?

The term “Master of Business Administration” alone does not guarantee quality. The structure, content, organizational forms and specifications of the programs offered vary to a great extent. Especially since the MBA degree is not protected as an academic degree in several countries – it lacks a corresponding quality assurance through state procedures. For these reasons, assessment standards have been developed in many countries, according to which accreditors test the quality of MBA programs. The main accreditors are:
The European Quality Link (EQUIL) was established in 1996 as a European system of accreditation. EQUIL is the association of national MBA accreditors in Europe.

How can I check an MBA program myself

It is absolutely essential that you convince yourself of the quality of the program. Again and again we find that candidates become the victims of “degree mills” due to a lack of thorough preparation. In an article published in the “Spiegel” a prosecutor’s cat got an MBA! It’s about your career and your money. If in doubt, consult our experts. What can you do in advance?


  • Check whether the provider is accredited
  • Visit the school and seek advice. Determine whether the business school appears in a national or international ranking list (ranking)
  • Check whether you can use the title in Germany.
  • Ask for references from the MBA providers: both from former MBA students (Alumni) as well as of companies that have recruited graduates.
  • Get in touch with both, particularly with alumni. Any reputable MBA provider will establish such contacts with alumni. A school with vague statements («Our graduates can be found in top companies”) or flimsy excuses («For reasons of data protection we cannot give out the contact details of former”) should be immediately discarded.
  • Talk to current students about their experiences with the program. Each MBA provider allows prospective customers to talk with the students of the current MBA cohort. This makes it possible to verify some of the promises of the program‘s brochure. Does the program really do what the seller promises? What is the atmosphere? How good are the lecturers and professors? What are the weaknesses of the program?

How do I determine my TOEFL, GMAT, GRE, TOEIC or SAT-knowledge?

At MBAhelp you can always take diagnostic tests free of charge and without obligation for the GMAT, TOEFL, GRE, SAT and TOEIC to determine your starting point or interim level.

TOEFL diagnostic tests can be found on our website under the heading “TOEFL” and “TOEFL TWE”. If you want to know your GMAT level, you can either take our GMAT Diagnostic Test (see menu on the left) or go to http://www.mba.com/mba/ and then on GMAT / Free GMATPrep Test Preparation Software => Download, download PowerPrep GMAT test. Log in and download the software for free (about 25 MB).
A diagnostic test for the GRE computer-based test can also be downloaded. The software is called GRE PowerPrep. You will find the GRE test at the website www.ets.org or click here.
SAT-diagnostic tests are paper-based. You may take it in our Institute.

To determine your eligibility for the TOEIC test, you can take the online test of ELOQUIA. Click on www.eloquia.com/Sprachtests.htm or here as a direct link.

Once you have taken a diagnostic test, we will gladly advise you – of course, also free of charge and without obligation. Our experts will tell you what you must do to achieve your goals. Call us on (069) 238593-12 or make an appointment.

Are the costs of the MBA program and the preparation courses tax deductible?

A portion of the costs incurred by the program (tuition, housing, books) are tax consideration capable (see BFH judgment, AZ: VI R 24/95). According to the BFH costs occurred due to vocational training or a first degree after high school are considered to be professional outlays and not special expenses (VI R 38/10 and R VI 7/10). Special expenses may only be deducted from income of the same year. However, clarification by an accountant is always required.

Is there cheap accommodation for me in Frankfurt when I'm taking a TOEFL, SAT, GRE or GMAT course at MBAhelp?

Yes. Since most of our participants live outside Frankfurt (many students come from Switzerland, France and the Netherlands), we have organized affordable accommodation minutes away from MBAhelp. Please enter the password MBAhelp or MBA to receive special conditions.


***** Steigenberger Frankfurter Hof

Am Kaiserplatz
60311 Frankfurt am Main
Tel.: 00800 – 78468357


**** Hotel Cult, Offenbacher Landstr. 56, 60599 Frankfurt am Main
Tel. (069) 962446-0, Fax (069) 962446 666
E-Mail: info@hotelcult.de, www.hotelcult.de

**** Turm Hotel, Eschersheimer Landstr. 20, 60322 Frankfurt am Main
Tel. (069) 15405-0, Fax (069) 553578
E-Mail: res@turmhotel-fra.de, www.turmhotel-fra.de

*** Hotel Zentrum, Rossmarkt 7, 60311 Frankfurt am Main
Tel. (069) 50500190, Fax (069) 505001977
E-Mail: info@hotel-zentrum.de, www.hotel-zentrum.de

*** Hotel Villa Florentina, Westendstr. 23, 60325 Frankfurt am Main
Tel. (069) 974037-0, Fax (069) 974037-99
E-Mail: reservation@hotelflorentina.de, www.hotelflorentina.de

*** Best Western Hotel Domicil, Karlstr. 14, 60329 Frankfurt am Main
Tel. (069) 271110, Fax (069) 27111-222
E-Mail info@domicil-frankfurt.bestwestern.dewww.domicil-frankfurt.bestwestern.de

You can find more Hotels on www.hrs.de

Multi-day or mulit-week stays:

Adina Apartment Hotel
Frankfurt Neue Oper

Wilhelm-Leuschner-Strasse 6
60329 Frankfurt am Main
Tel: +49 (0)69 24 74 74 0
Fax: +49 (0)69 24 74 74 599

Cheaper prices if booked via DERTOUR


Golden Leaf Hotel & Residence Frankfurt, Launhardtstr. 2-4, 60314 Frankfurt am Main
Tel. (069) 949900, Fax (069) 94990800
E-Mail caf@golden-leaf-hotel.de, www.golden-leaf-hotel.de

City-Residence GmbH, Hansaallee 2, 60322 Frankfurt/M. Telefon 069/299 05 – 0,
Telefax 069/299 05 – 353


2 bedrooms in Frankfurt-city centre, only a 10 minute walk from the institute

Weekly tariffs (minimum stay): EUR 175,00 or. Monthly tariff: EUR 450,00 (without breakfast)

Information from: Frau Hilloharju

Tel. (069) 251847, Mobile (0171) 8331318

E-Mail: napusetti6@gmail.com

Furnished room in Offenbach for the Price of EUR 35,00 per day. Please send requests to gperezro@yahoo.com.


Stay at the apartment of an English teacher! I’ll answer your questions morning and night!

Highlights: Quiet, but centrally located. 1 minute walk to the Marienplatz U4 Ubahn stop. 10 minutes to MBAHelp/ELOQUIA.

German-American breakfast every morning. Will accommodate special dietary needs.
Access to kitchen and refrigerator to cook dinner for yourself.

All towels, hair dryer provided. Toiletries available.

40 euros per night. Please contact Christine at moritz4799@yahoo.com.


Furnished Apartment with living/sleeping area, kitchen and bathroom in Kronberg-Oberhöchstadt
Price: € 300,00 monthly (also available on a weekly basis)
More information: Frau Dr. Gisela Werner
Tel.: (06173) – 61515, Mobile: (0173) 9292308, E-Mail: g.dostal (at) t-online.de


Haus der Jugend Frankfurt am Main
Price per night including breakfast, maximum 7 nights. Other meals EUR 5,00 each

15 – 27 years As of 27 years
Single Bedroom with shower and toilet 37,50 42,00
Double bedroom with shower and toilet 32,50 37,00

Membership is required, further information here.

I have a degree from a technical college or a degree from a BA (Berufsakademie). Can I get an MBA anyway?

Yes. Some business schools exclusively require a university degree; others accept a technical college degree or a degree from a BA under certain conditions. These include, for example, the validation / recognition of the degree abroad (for example, in the US there is the so-called “Equivalency Report”). For applicants with a BA or technical college degree the GMAT score often plays a crucial role. Our application specialists will advise you. Call us or send us a copy of your final educational diplomas.

Is a weekend course sufficient to prepare for the GMAT?

No, unless you are a genius. The GMAT requires a combination of knowledge, practice and strategy. And practice makes perfect. By participating in our GMAT preparation courses (weekend courses, individual programs, workshops) you will obtain the tools and strategy to master the GMAT. You will then need to practice for several weeks in order to implement and deepen what you have learnt. Our trainers will always be available to you for help and advice, be that over the phone or face-to face. Also keep in mind that a score of 550 can be achieved with much less effort than a score of 700 points, this means that the preparation effort grows exponentially. The optimal preparation consists of several sections:

  • Phase 1: self-study at home on the basis of documents which we will send you to prepare for our GMAT courses.
  • Phase 2: participation in a GMAT course
  • Phase 3: applying knowledge, practical exercises using documents handed out in our GMAT course (Study Books, Benchmark problem, CD ROMs, etc.)
  • Phase 4: GMAXX-course (s), individual classes or online training, individual support to optimize your skills, for the treatment of deficits or development of an individual strategy for the GMAT test.

Books, Benchmark Problems, CD ROMs etc.)

  • Phase 4: GMAXX-Kurs(e), Einzelunterricht oder webbasiertes Training, individuelle Betreuung zur Optimierung Ihrer Fertigkeiten, zur punktuellen Behandlung von Defiziten, Entwicklung einer individuellen Strategie für den GMAT Test.

How can I register for the TOEFL iBT / GRE / SAT?

You can log on as follows for the TOEFL-Internet-Based Test (iBT), GRE und SAT:

Online at www.toefl.org, www.ets.org/gre or. www.sat.org with reservation, only with a credit card, at least 3 days prior to the desired date (for SAT it is three weeks). However, we recommend reserving about 6 to 8 weeks before the desired date, since most test centres are booked well in advance

Registration by phone at the call centre, Tel. +31-320-239-540, also requires a credit card.
If you do not have a credit card, you will have to sign up for the GMAT and GRE by letter: Thomson Prometric PTC Registrations Europe, P.O. Box 2024, 8203 AA Lelystad, The Netherlands. This procedure is very cumbersome.

n GMAT und GRE brieflich anmelden: Thomson Prometric, PTC Registrations Europe, P.O. Box 2024, 8203 AA Lelystad, Niederlande. Diese Prozedur ist jedoch sehr umständlich.

How can I register for the GMAT?

Currently (as of 2012), you can choose among four test centres in Germany: Frankfurt, Berlin, Dusseldorf and Hamburg. The GMAT is administered by Pearson VUE and not by ETS. This means that there might be two different test sites in a city for the TOEFL iBT and GMAT or GRE. In the European region, you can also take the GMAT test in centres in Prague, Milan, Lausanne, Zurich, Strasbourg, Brussels, and Vienna etc…

The GMAT test centres’ addresses in Germany, Austria and Switzerland are:

  • Frankfurt: Pearson Professional Centres, Bettinastr. 62, 60325 Frankfurt am Main
  • Düsseldorf: IIK Dusseldorf e.V., Palmenstrasse 25, 40217 Düsseldorf
  • Berlin: New Horizons CLC, Zimmerstr. 23, 10969 Berlin
  • Munich: CBT Training & Consulting GmbH, Elektrastr. 6a, 4. Etage, 81925 München
  • Hamburg: New Horizons CLC, Wandsbeker Koenigsstr. 19-21, 22041 Hamburg
  • Vienna: Centre International Universitaire (CIU), Schottengasse 1, 1010 Wien
  • Zürich: Helidux Academy, Alderstrasse 40, 8008 Zürich
  • Lausanne: ISEIG, Avenue des Boveressses 52, 1010 Lausanne

Registration for the GMAT is done on the telephone or via the internet:
By telephone: 0800-181840
Internet: www.mba.com
The GMAT test costs US$ 250,00

Should I do an MBA or rather a doctorate (PhD)?

That depends on which career goals you have. If you want to specialize professionally in your field, a PhD can be helpful. Do you want to prepare for a managerial position in an international context? Then an MBA will surely help. Just like a PhD, an MBA is not automatically a secret weapon for your career. For the MBA it often matters from which business school one has attained the MBA.
According to studies in Germany, the MBA is preferred to the PhD in all sectors (except the construction and real estate industry). Due to the increased internationalization the MBA is becoming increasingly important in Germany, as MBA programs focus on specific, managerial tasks. Our consultants will help you if you are undecided as to what your next career move should be. Call us and make an appointment for a consultation.

How does an MBA differ from a university degree?

The MBA is not a subject oriented course. It should make it possible to perceive leadership roles in businesses, including understanding how various areas (marketing, finance, etc.) correspond to one another, to develop strategies for the entire company and to lead people who have the expertise that one is lacking oneself. An MBA is much more of a character building exercise than the acquisition of field specific (technical) knowledge. It helps one to understand what managers actually do, how they act and react and how oneself acts and reacts. An MBA is therefore not comparable to the traditional passive lectures at a university, but is based on the constant interaction with other students, in which good MBA programs mix students from all over the world. In class, in group work (business cases) and in study work the success is measured by the knowledge exchange and discussion within the class. During an MBA program one learns as much from the other participants (peer learning) as from the faculty. The need to cooperate with some sometimes very different mentalities in teams has an amazing learning effect. That’s the big difference to a “normal” university. This exchange will only work if the participants have sufficient professional experience.

Should I rather choose a one-year or a two-year MBA program?

Many programs differ in the study period. INSEAD and IMD are typical one-year programs, most business schools in the US are two-year programs. Two years are advantageous when one is aiming for a big change in one’s career. Those who, for example, have worked in Brand Management as a product manager for a long time and want to break into Investment Banking (career-switchers), should choose a two-year program. Another factor is age. One-year programs are aimed at applicants who have successfully pursued their chosen career for several years and who will continue to be active in this field (career-booster).

Should I rather take the GMAT or the GRE?

That depends on your individual strengths. The quantitative part of the GRE is easier than that of the GMAT, while the verbal sections of the GRE are more difficult than those of the GMAT. If you are applying for an MBA, it is customary to take the GMAT, for Master’s courses on the other hand the GRE. Check the conditions of the universities at which you wish to apply. In addition, there is an application strategy component. For example, one might consider taking a GRE if you cannot achieve above-average performance in standardized tests and one is applying to an MBA program. Talk to our GMAT and GRE-trainers who will be happy to advise you.

I desperately need a performance record of my English skills. What alternatives are there to the TOEFL?

With increasing demand for the TOEFL iBT test sessions; there are currently too few dates to meet the demand. Due to the deadlines set by universities or institutions many applicants can neither wait until the next appointment or for a further 15 days for the online results, especially as one only receives the written certificate after a few weeks. If you need to take the test or a performance record of your English skills in the short term, there are three alternatives:

  • Ask the “Fachhochschule”, university or institution at which you want to apply if they also accept the Pearson PTE Academic test. The PTE Academic is a 3 hour long computer based test. The PTE Academic tests all four skills: Listening Comprehension, Reading Comprehension, Speaking and Writing. You can register for the Pearson PTE Academic at short notice, up to 24 hours before the desired test date. You will get the results about 5 days after the test. For more information on the Pearson PTE Academic, click here.
  • Many institutions such as INSEAD, IESE, etc. also recognize the TOEIC test which is issued by the TOEFL test provider ETS. This Paper-Based test consists of 100 Listening Comprehension questions and 100 Reading Comprehension questions. The point scale ranges from 10 to 990 points. This test can be taken with a pre-registration period of 7 working days at MBAhelp. The results are available after a further 5 days.
  •  Check whether you can take the TOEFL in neighbouring countries, for example, in Belgium, Luxembourg, Holland, France or Austria. There test dates are often free, which have long been booked out in Germany. Under certain circumstances, the distance between your home and a test centre abroad can even be shorter than to another city within Germany.

Can I apply to a master's degree or MBA in the US with a three year bachelor or a BA degree?

Basically, yes, but this must be checked in individual cases. Applicants with a three year bachelor degree generally have chances of acceptance in the US, especially if one has good grades and one meets all other requirements (GMAT, GRE, TOEFL, essays, reference letters, interviews, etc.).

I would like to start my first degree in the US. Should I rather take the SAT or the ACT?

Most universities have no preference. While the SAT measures the future performance potential of the candidate by testing the quantitative and verbal skills, the ACT is used rather as evidence of material already learned in different subjects. In practice, the SAT enjoys a higher popularity: 93% of applicants sit the SAT Reasoning Test.

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