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You are almost there, but only almost. Should a university or business school be interested in your application, you may be invited to a personal interview. Interviews are handled differently by universities, private universities and business schools. Some business schools such as Kellogg, demand interviews from almost all applicants. Many business schools organize interviews with alumni (former graduate of the business school) on site. Other schools solely run telephone interviews and some don’t do any at all. Few candidates are accepted to renowned business schools without an interview.

If the business school or university of your choice performs interviews and you have been invited to such, you must remember that one of the top 10 best business schools in the world only takes 15% to 20% of the candidates interviewed. Therefore, you must make sure that nothing goes wrong during the interview. The good impression you leave now is immensely important. The interview gives you the unique opportunity to present yourself positively and to demonstrate your strengths and leadership qualities. The success of your appearance is dependent on your personal credibility and persuasiveness. Regardless of whether the interview takes place with an admissions officer on campus or with alumni, you should prepare well for the talk, by practicing your interview responses on your career, degree, or program in German and possibly in English.

Unfortunately, some candidates do not prepare with the necessary care and thus jeopardize their admission to the business schools of their choice. As for example, a candidate who could not give a quick and precise answer in English to the question “How do you deal with conflict situations?” He tried to wriggle out of the situation too late. The business school’s rejection letter followed a few days later.

Get prepared with the help of a professional. You have invested a lot of time in your application. Don’t let anything go wrong now. Even if you are convinced that you can manage without help, at least practice welcome and closing phrases in English.

The MBAhelp interview coaches are all specialists (including English-native speakers, if your interview takes place in English) with many years of coaching, consulting and seminar experience. You will work on interview and argumentation techniques for a professional self-presentation with them. After analysing your voice and body language, you will learn how to optimize your appearance and also how to be credible and persuasive with facial expressions and gestures. They will integrate many exercises, such as a strategic approach to solving difficult situations or dealing with nervousness and tension. Based on concrete situations, you will also learn how body language works and how it can be used. Thus, you will learn to interpret the other person’s signals and how to send the right signals yourself. The result: increased self-confidence and an authentic and confident manner.

To obtain interview coaching, we need your CV and an indication of dates and business schools, to which you have been invited. Coaching is done individually, that is you can even be coached immediately before your interview date. Your benefits:

  • Coaching individually tailored to your level and needs
  • Direct personal and telephone contact with MBAhelp consultants
  • Experienced, native-speaking specialists


Bereiten Sie sich gut vor auf Ihr Interview. Falls möglich, üben Sie Interview-Situationen mit einem Coach, der Ihnen zeigt, wie Sie auch bei schwierigen Fragen eine gute Figur machen und der auch z.B. auf Ihre Körpersprache achtet.

Susanne J.:
I would like to let you know that I have been admitted to the Duke Goethe Executive MBA Class of 2010 beginning in May 2008! The interview was very good. Thank you very much for your help and the supporting documents and questions. I learned very much from you and would not have succeeded without your excellent abilities and expertise.

Cornelia R.:
Thank you for your email and thank you so much for all your support. The interview went quite well. I will give you a ring tomorrow. I am rearing for further support :o)

Hans S.:
Thanks again for getting me in shape for the interview. The interview itself went very well. However, I had kind of a „slow“or rather difficult start: I arrived late. Not 2 minutes, not 5 minutes, neither 15 nor 30 minutes but 2.5 hours!!! The reason was that it was so foggy in London that they delayed my flight for more than 4 hours. I always kept in touch with the Wharton admissions people and updated them regularly. Still, it was an embarrassing experience. The atmosphere during the interview was quite laid-back and relaxed. I didn’t get stuck at any time and – believe me or not – was not even nervous. They liked the analogy with the locker-room and I guess this gave me a good start, too. The questions were straight forward and concentrated on my past work experience, why I picked Mannheim University to study at, what I do when I do not work, etc. etc.

Peter S.:
Johanne was a very pleasant and very professional interviewer! She did catch me on a „tell me about a time when…“question. It was about handling tough customer situations, something I have done for the past 10 years. It was like being asked to describe a single tree in the forest you’ve just walked through. I tried to think about the best example but after a few seconds of pause I settled for something that simply came to mind. Personally I think I was more natural with you than that Thursday morning but I certainly did better than at our first session.

Timo P.:
You won’t believe it: I was late at HEC due to traffic jam on the Peripherique and because I got lost twice!
How good that I was trained for that situation! Both interviewers were very friendly and interested. I have the feeling that I was able to tell them everything what I believe to be important.
And: There was no question that you did not ask me. Do you remember – when I asked you on the phone about the possible questions, you said „I know them all“.
Looks like you were right! I felt myself very well prepared and – I used a lot of the „new“words and phrases.

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