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In the online version of our TOEFL preparation course you work at home, in the office or on vacation on a PC with your trainer. All you need is an internet connection, a headset and Skype. You will work on dates which have been pre-established with your trainer – this can be mornings, evenings or even on weekends. Thanks to our web-based platform your coach can control whether he sees the contents of your screen or vice versa. You can therefore, for example, display certain tasks on your screen and discuss any questions you may have regarding these with your trainer. On the other hand, you trainer will also be able to display tasks on his/her screen and discuss possible solutions with you. At the end of the session you will receive all recordings.

Via access to our Online Campus you can download teaching materials and upload your papers to be corrected. This type of TOEFL preparation course allows you to train for all four skills of the TOEFL test: listening, reading, writing and speaking.

This type of training is particularly suitable for the selective processing of content as well as for individuals who are unable to attend an intensive course due to time constraints.

Course type: individual private lessons

Duration: 10, 90 minute lessons taken within 2 weeks

Dates: the choice is yours (also Saturdays and Sundays)

Start date: anytime

Prerequisite: Please take our diagnostic tests, so that your trainer can get an idea of your TOEFL preparation level.

Course fees: EUR 990,00

Trial Lesson: Take a double period as a sample and see the benefits of our online training with American TOEFL experts. The fee for the trial amounts to EUR 98.00.


Don’t wait any longer than two weeks after completing your preparation course to take your TOEFL test. If you take your test immediately after completing your TOEFL course, your knowledge will be fresh and you will be able to effectively apply your learnt skills and strategies. Therefore, plan your appointments and the test carefully. Phone our experts if you have any questions.

Registration for the TOEFL-Online-Course

Our TOEFL online courses combine spatial and temporal flexibility with the individual approach of individual tuition as an ideal preparation for the TOEFL iBT. For the TOEFL online course you need an internet connection, a headset and Skype (freely downloadable). The dates for your online meetings are agreed at the beginning of the course with your TOEFL Trainer – also Saturdays and Sundays. You may start at any time. If you would first like to convince yourself of the benefits of our TOEFL online course before you book the course, you can order two trial lessons.



For best result with the TOEFL iBT:
– Listening Comprehension
– Reading Comprehension
– Speaking
– Writing


– 10 lessons of 2 teaching hours (90 Minuten) = 20 teaching hours

– Teaching material

– Listening – and reading exercises

– TOEFL iBT-Simulation tests


EUR 990,00 including teaching material and preparation material

2 trial lessons

EUR 98,00

Participation requisite

The 10 appointments, which each student individually agrees with his TOEFL trainer before the course commences,  must be taken within 2 weeks of the first teaching appointment. Lessons not used during this period expire and are not reimbursed by MBAhelp. Exceptions are dates which were cancelled for technical reasons or the trainer being ill.
Please take our TOEFL diagnostic test so that we can customize your program to your individual needs.

Yes, I would like to register for the MBAhelp TOEFL-Online-Course /  trial lesson

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    I would first like to be convinced of the efficiency and benefits of the TOEFL online course and am therefore booking 2 trial lessons for the price of EUR 98.00. I will receive an invoice, the trial lessons can be taken after the money has been received. My coach will contact me to schedule the appointment.I appreciate MBAhelp’s quality and would like to book the TOEFL Online Course for the price of EUR 990.00. I will get an invoice, the course begins immediately after the transfer of funds.

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