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An MBA is the chance for professional development, the springboard to a better paying job. It is crucial to consider each program to determine whether it can fulfil those expectations. The selection of the “right” business school is critical to your studies and thus for your professional success. Anyone opting for an MBA should therefore be fully informed.

With the increasing number of those interested in an MBA the supply of training also increases. Altogether there are about 4,000 worldwide MBA programs, in the US alone, there are over 1000; in Germany there are now nearly 350. In terms of quality there is wide variation. Be especially careful that you do not end up with a “diploma mill”. For example, the prosecutor of Pennsylvania signed up his cat for an online MBA at a “university” in Texas. Around 400 dollars later the cat was able to adorn itself with the title “Master of Business Administration”. The “university” had to stand trial. Although this is an extreme case, already many years ago the business press reported on “Title sharks” and published a list of blacklisted universities.

At first glance, MBA programs all look the same. In order to assess a program one should look at the program structure and content, the admission requirements, the internationality and practical relevance and the Career and Placement Activities in addition to the accreditation of the business school. Often the importance of an alumni network and networking is underestimated. If possible, the business schools should be listed in national or international rankings.

There is a strong correlation between the quality of a program and the number of candidates. The best programs also have the most candidates. Top business schools have ratios of 10: 1. Ideally one should apply to renowned business schools, in other words, schools that fulfil above-mentioned criteria. The reasons are obvious: only these universities have leading positions in research and teaching, have a strong alumni network, maintain excellent contacts in business and choose their students carefully. In addition, major international companies mostly recruit from the prestigious schools.

Even the top ten business schools in the US have very different profiles and teaching methods. Kellogg is known for its excellent marketing curriculum, Harvard and Darden teach almost exclusively via case studies method, Wharton, NYU and Cornell are known for Accounting & Finance. Consequently, it is important to consider before starting your MBA, which career you would like to follow thereafter.

In the US, the country of origin of the MBA, an undergraduate degree is part of the basic academic training. After the Bachelor and a few years of professional experience, Americans can apply to graduate school. In Europe the MBA is considered an additional qualification not only for academics. The European programs are therefore usually shorter. MBA programs teach business knowledge and rely strongly on project work and case studies to replicate real world scenarios. Therefore, the duration of a program plays an important role in the decision. Finally, anyone who is interested in an MBA program must ask themselves some basic questions, because: what career goals one pursues, what one can do and want, not least how much money you have available or are willing to spend all determine the choice of the MBA program and the right school. Anyone who believes that “buying” an MBA for little money is worth the same as a “real”, expensive MBA from a recognized business school, is making a serious miscalculation. The MBA title has, unlike the doctor title, no commercial value in itself. Its value is nothing more than its market value; this means the salary a potential employer is willing to pay graduates from this or that business school. So what matters is the business school.

With the increasing number of those interested in an MBA the supply of training also increases. Altogether there are about 4,000 worldwide MBA programs, in the US alone, there are over 1000; in Germany there are now nearly 350. You can find an overview of MBA programs of different disciplines on the MASTER AND MORE Portal.


Start your application process about 1 year before the first deadline date. Increase your chance of being picked by your dream university with optimum test results, excellent essays, strong letters of reference and the right timing.

Prerequisite for choosing the “right” university is an analysis of your personal situation and objectives:

  • Do I need a career booster or a new career (career-switcher)?
  • What would I like to achieve professionally long and middle term? How old am I?
  • What is my academic level?
  • How much work experience do I have?
  • Do I have leadership experience?
  • Should I go abroad?
  • Should I give up my job?
  • Should I rather do a Masters than an MBA?
  • Which MBA is the right choice for me regarding my professional perspectives?
  • Which school (s) would be of interest to me?
  • How long should the MBA be – 1 or 2 years?
  • Where should I study – in Germany, Europe or oversees?
  • Which jobs do the students come from?
  • How international is the program?
  • How many students are enrolled in the program?
  • What is the average age?
  • Which costs do I have to reckon with? (Of course dependent on the business school, but which costs will I have additionally?)
  • How important is a double degree? i.e. a degree from two different business schools?
  • How important is the accreditation, i.e. taking into account the ranking of the individual business school?
  • Should the favoured business schools all have the same level?
  • How will I finance the MBA? What types of grants are available?
  • Which professional knowledge will I require?
  • Which tests – GMAT, GRE and/or TOEFL – should I take if I apply to several business schools with different requirements? Is one test enough?
  • How are grades converted? Who does this?
  • Must all certificates be translated into English and be certified? Does it matter which institute does the translation?
  • How can I rewrite my CV so that it harmonises with my career plans?
  • When do TOEFL and GMAT need to be taken at the latest so that they coincide with the deadlines?
  • When do which documents need to be prepared?
  • How many business schools should I apply to?
  • How much preparation time should I plan for?
  • What are the most important aspects when preparing these documents?
  • Where can I have my application documents checked?
  • How much will the application roughly cost?

MBA-Consultation service

The search for the right MBA program can bring potential candidates to despair. Before and during the application process, there are countless topics, questions or difficulties, for which one would like feedback, advice and support. The team of independent MBAhelp consultants visits business schools, participates in their presentations and is in constant contact with the admissions officers. We see ourselves as your “guide” in the thicket of types of studies, admission requirements and the application. Together we will find the best way to success. We will advise you comprehensively on planning an MBA course, will check your suitability for MBA studies and guide you in the selection of appropriate business schools according to your requirements and career goals as well as guide you with the application process. We will answer your questions about the MBA admission‘s preparation!

Cost: The evaluation of your resume and answering the above-mentioned questions and issues regarding your profile, the selection of business schools and the application process take about 2 to 2.5 hours, and cost a flat rate of EUR 200.00 plus VAT. At first please send us your CV. Please make an appointment for a personal consultation by phone on 069-23 85 93 12 or send an e-mail to


Your advantages:

  • Comprehensive advice
  • Individual, personal support
  • Reviewing of your profile
  • Support in choosing the appropriate program type and preselection of fitting business schools
  • You will receive important and practical tips for a successful application

Ikumi K.:
I am writing to you to inform you that I have been admitted to the HEC MBA program!
After such long time and effort for the application, I am very pleased to hear this news.
Thank you so much for your kind and sincere help for my application and interview.

Sofia P.:
Dear Mr Spitta, Brian, Edward,
Today I have been admitted to the London Business School and INSEAD for the intake September 2011.
Starting with just an idea of doing an MBA-Program more than 1 year ago and having no insights into the specific aspects of the application process I was aware that I needed strong support. My work with MBAhelp was absolutely the right thing for me. No doubt without your help I would not have been able to advance to such high level of my application. I really enjoyed the GMAT training with Brian and Edward and appreciated their time flexibility and constantly quick response in any situation. All over things thanks to Brian for his trust in my GMAT ability! Although I was not his fastest student (GMAT course in August 2009, my first test in October 2009 – fourth in April 2010) I finally scored amazing 760 points!
Mr Spitta, in fact, you were my main supportive person and best mental “guru” during the preparation of the application documents (in July my very understanding, but already very “tired” family, rejected even to talk to me about any topics related to MBA, thinking that this story will never end). Mr Spitta, I thank you very much for your very personal and 100% professional consulting and support in working on my profile and essays, as well as your interview training. With your experience you helped me to understand what the Admission Office looks for and in this way to shape my application package. Please forward my many thanks and greetings also to other members of your team I have worked with – Catherine (TOEFL), Elaine and Melba. It was great pleasure for me to get you all know and to work with you!

Florian O.:
Thanks again for your help. I got admitted to YALE and thought you might like to share my happiness

Carl W.:
Here is my acceptance letter:
Congratulations! Your academic and professional background, along with the interpersonal skills and abilities you showed throughout the Admissions Process, have led the Admissions Committee to grant you admission for the International MBA (English) program, April-2011 Intake.
You can now become part of IE Business School, one of the best Business Schools in Europe and the World, and share this unique experience with candidates as exceptional as you.
We would like to thank you for the trust you placed in our institution when submitting your application. It will be a pleasure for us to welcome you as a student. We are counting on you for the next intake of the International MBA (English), and as a future ambassador of IE Business School.

Many thanks, you support was amazing!

Jonathan B.:
Tuck is really amazing and what I learned in these two weeks is more than what I learned in one trimester in Europe. The pace is impressive, but the quality is even more. The work load is really 16 hours per day on average. So everyone you recommend to go to Tuck must be aware of it, but we are a community and everyone is willing to contribute to the maximum of his ability, will get full support from students and faculty. It is very rewarding when I see all I was able to accomplish in so little time. Thank for making my dreams come true.

Jan K.:
I just wanted to let you know that I have some great news. As discussed beginning October I sent my application to Columbia. I transmitted my application on the last possible day for the January intake. And I couldn’t believe it, but end of November I received my admissions letter. December was a little bit painful as I had to work all the way until Christmas on a very demanding project and meanwhile I had to do all the arrangements. But finally, I am here in NY in my already third week of courses. It is an awesome experience here – People, University, city! Someday I have to tell you more in detail! I wanted to thank you for your help, your patience and all your advices.

Florian W.:
Hello Edward, hello Brian, thanks again for your support and for your outstanding tuition! Even you are not able to „make a silk purse out of a sows ear“; –), but you almost did! I took the GMAT last Saturday in Zurich and I got 630 points (percentiles: math 60, verbal 73, sum 74). The score is not brilliant, but considering the circumstances (starting from zero with just three weeks left over Christmas) I think it is a success story. I hope the score will be good enough to get into the programs I am going to apply for (Bocconi, IE, Judge) … we will see. By the way: Brian, you mentioned that I could score around 700 – now I am also convinced that I could get a really good score if necessary. Best wishes from Munich, Florian

Daniel J.:
I wish you a happy New Year and hope you had a successful start into 2010. I have been experiencing a couple of intense, exciting and wonderful weeks at London Business School and look forward to deepen my MBA studies. I have enjoyed working with you in the past and look forward to continue to do so in the future. All the best and kind regards.

Kay-Oliver B.:
I am very happy and excited to let you know that I have been officially accepted into Chicago Booth. The studies will commence in June 2010. I would like to thank you very much for your valuable advice during the application process.

Alex Z.:
I am writing to you to inform you that I was accepted to Wharton, the business school of my dreams and that I am now the happiest man on this Earth. My firm, my family, and – first of all – Tanya (my girlfriend) are all happy and proud of me. And I think your contribution to this success was GREAT! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR HELP AND SUPPORT – AT ANY TIME I NEEDED YOUR HELP!
P.S. Other application statistics:
London Business School – Accepted
INSEAD – Invited for interviews
NY Stern – Waitlisted
(because of Wharton I will deny all three)
Stanford, Columbia – still awaiting feedback
Chicago, HBS – denied.

Timo S.:
Attached please find the Admissions letter from IESE Business School, in which they offer me a place on their 2-year Bilingual MBA Program starting in fall 2008. I am extremely happy that I made it and that the past few months of hard work have paid off after all. I know that without Brian I would never have scored so highly on the GMAT (I started off with a 480 and he brought me up to a 700). I know that without you and John, I would never have written such accentuated and fresh essays. I know that without Melba, I would not have been prepared so well for the Interview. I guess that without MBA Help, I would not have made it into IESE B-School. Thanks so much for all your valuable support and input over the past months!

Stephan K:
Thanks again for your GMAT, essay, and revision support on applying to an MBA program. Here is the summary of my 4 applications:
– Harvard: no interview, no offer
– Columbia: one F2F interview, no offer
– Kellogg: one phone interview, waitlist, no offer
– Insead: two interviews, offer (!)
So, finally, there is a happy-end and I am really looking forward to the Insead experience. Thanks again and all the best.

Laura P.:
I have very good news. INSEAD just sent me their acceptance notice. That means I will be joining the class in September! Thank you very much for your help, let me know when I should pass by with the champagne!

Timo P.:
I have been accepted at HEC and am invited for interview at Cambridge. (INSEAD has not answered until today.) I’d like to thank you all for your great assistance. I am sure that my tight schedule was only possible with your effective support as I managed to get a place within 8 weeks after my decision to do an MBA. Once again thank you all – you did a great job which fulfilled all my individual needs! Best regards and continuing success!

Viola S.:
Just want to let you know that I am accepted in Cambridge, UK and also invited to an interview in Oxford. The verbal part was excellent though. Thanks a lot with the preparation.

Philippe H.:
I got accepted at Instituto de Empresa in Madrid about 3 weeks ago. I am more than happy that I am in this programme and look forward to get there and start with my MBA. I wanted to thank once more for the preparation (GMAT 680) as well as the whole application process. The start will be in November. All the best and best regards

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