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Even if one has a relatively good knowledge of English, this does not automatically mean that one will get good TOEFL scores. However, even average skills can get good results with professional preparation. The TOEFL, and in particular the TOEFL iBT, with its unusual format, require specific preparation in order to achieve the desired number of points. Especially the Speaking and Writing sections, as well as Reading Comprehension with its very demanding and long texts, require a systematic, qualified preparation. If, for example, you need 80 points in the TOEFL iBT, you must achieve an average of 20 points respectively in all four sections. Since one can achieve no more than 30 points per section, this means that you will have to answer at least 66% of all questions correctly. Should you need 100 points, you will have to answer more than 80% of all questions correctly.

MBAhelp is not only an official TOEFL test centre, but it has been specialized in preparing the TOEFL test for more than 30 years. TOEFL courses, under the supervision of our experts from the USA, take place every day. By participating in a TOEFL course in conjunction with the teaching materials used by us (Study Books, Laptops with Practice Tests, videos and CD-ROMs), you will achieve superior results in the shortest time.

The TOEFL preparation at MBAhelp takes place as individual lessons or in small groups with a maximum of 6 participants. This is the only way to guarantee a tailor-made and successful TOEFL preparation.

We do not offer traditional English courses, but offer a focussed preparation in order to obtain a maximum number of points in the TOEFL iBT. In our TOEFL courses you will learn the methods, systems and secrets on how you can achieve good sub scores in each of the four sections and thus a good overall result.

You will, for example, learn the techniques of “scanning” and “skimming” amongst others which you will require for the Reading section. These techniques will allow you to have enough time to answer all questions about the three or four texts within the given 60 to 80 minutes. You will also learn skills that are needed to improve your reading comprehension of difficult texts and those which can significantly increase your chances to answer a question correctly, even if you have to guess.

For the Writing section you will not only learn about a template for the systematic structuring of essays, but among others also idioms for transitions (the so-called “connectors”), phrasal verbs and all language elements that will lead to a high evaluation of your two essays – Integrated task and Independent Task. You will also learn to avoid common mistakes made by candidates who have not prepared for the TOEFL, for example, to formulate a personal opinion when answering the Integrated Question.

In the Speaking section you will learn to use templates to formulate complete sentences in 15 seconds, and strategies on how to achieve high ratings, even if your English skills are not very developed.

In the Listening section you will learn not to waste time with distracting details and to not get hung up on very complex or maybe not understood phrases, but instead to capture the overall context. You will learn to identify the so-called keywords, which include, for example, inclusion or exclusion criteria, which contribute significantly to the understanding of a text. Since most of our students come from all provinces or even from neighbouring European countries, they sign up for TOEFL courses on a full-time basis (intensive courses, see examples below) and live with friends or acquaintances or in hotels or apartments near our institute (a list of accommodations can be found in the FAQ section). Students from the Rhein-Main area can sign up for both intensive as well as part-time extensive courses (for example, 1 or 2 times per week), if the timing of their TOEFL preparation permits.

Which TOEFL course is most suitable for you depends on three parameters:
• the required TOEFL point number (depending on the degree program usually 60-115 points TOEFL iBT)
• your available time (weekdays, weekends, etc.)
• your place of residence

To determine your current knowledge level, you can take our online test or request our written diagnostic test (PDF file) by clicking on the box TOEFL in our contact form. Your diagnostic test is automatically evaluated. The results, as well as our course recommendation, will be sent to you via email free of charge and without any kind of obligation.

Depending on your needs, your course program can be compiled from all modules of the TOEFL iBT (Listening Comprehension, Speaking, Reading Comprehension and Writing) or can exclusively deal with individual modules (e.g. if you have a particular problem with Reading Comprehension or if you must achieve a minimum number of points for one section). If you want to prepare for the TOEFL ITP, the TOEFL preparation is carried out exclusively in form of private lessons.


Conventional English courses are not particularly suitable for a specific TOEFL preparation. Avoid surprises, missed deadlines or frustration by not reaching point numbers. Prepare well for the TOEFL test.

Your advantages:

  • Lessons with experienced, American TOEFL specialists
  • Small groups (max. 6 participants) and individual TOEFL courses
  • We will not let you down: guaranteed implementation of the TOEFL course
  • Permanently updated TOEFL preparation material
  • Ongoing personal support
  • Quantitatively tracking your preparation progress
  • Modern Facilities, laptops, Wi-Fi
  • Free TOEFL diagnostic tests
  • Free, unlimited exercise possibilities
  • Can be combined with GMAT, SAT and GRE courses
  • Support with: motivation letters, reference letters, essays, translations, job application coaching and interview coaching at special rates
  • 100% Satisfaction


Registration for the TOEFL course (group course)

Our TOEFL Intensive courses combine efficient work in small groups with the individual support of one-on-one courses as an ideal preparation for the TOEFL iBT. In the modern and comfortable atmosphere of our institute you can intensively and specifically focus on your preparation for the TOEFL iBT, and thus achieve best learning results. Courses are taught in English by American TOEFL specialists with many years of experience in TOEFL preparation. By signing up early for a TOEFL course at MBAhelp, there is the possibility to take the TOEFL test with us.



TOEFL-preparation course content

Targeted full-day preparation for the TOEFL iBT for best results:
– Listening Comprehension
– Reading Comprehension
– Speaking
– Writing
– Minitests

– Essays
– TOEFL test taking strategies
– Templates


5 days: Mondays – Fridays



  • 20 teaching hours in group lessons and 4 teaching hours in private tuition
    (1 teaching hour = 45 min)
  • At least 2, maximum 6 participants
  • Study rooms for participants to prepare, rework and for simulation tests
  • Teaching materials (TOEFL iBT Study Book, handouts)
  • Listening and reading comprehension exercises
  • TOEFL iBT simulation tests
  • Wi-Fi and laptop hire
  • Tracking of your achievements




Kaiserstr. 10
60311 Frankfurt am Main



EUR 699.00 incl. teaching materials and preparatory documents. Early bird discount: 10% for a booking at least 1 month in advance.


Participation requirements

A minimum score of 45% on our TOEFL iBT-Diagnostic-Test.


Björn T.:
I just received my TOEFL score of 107!! (necessary: 90)

Reading: 27
Listening: 28
Speaking: 27
Writing: 25 (necessary: 20)

This is much higher than I expected. Thank you so much for the training, especially for the help and templates in the speaking and writing part!

I will recommend MBAhelp to everyone who is going through the same endeavour.

Best regards,


Alex K.:
I made you proud! 117!!!! YEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAH!
I aced reading and listening, and my speaking was actually better than my writing (29 to 28). Thank you so much for your help and guidance, it was really helpful and enlightening to have you as my teacher! This way, I didn’t jeopardize my score and both reinforced my English skills and broadened my horizon seriously, thank you very much, I think I wouldn’t have done nearly as good without the week with you! I hope it’s okay if I contact you if I am falling into desperation and need some general help!

Thanks again,


Heiko B.:
I just received my TOEFL results and thought you should be one of the first to know: I scored 113 points!!! In fact, I received 29 points in the reading, 28 in the listening, 27 in the verbal and 29 in the writing section. I know, you really don’t care much about hearing this but YOU are the BEST!! Thank you so much for your great help and advice! The only time I did not really feel comfortable during the exam was when I answered to the second question in the speaking section because I instantly realized that I was deviating from your course and made the same silly mistake I always did during the prep course… But for the rest, I actually had fun during the test!

Daniela P.:
guess what? My score goal totally worked out although I felt really bad about my performance that day… TOEFL is so strange…
TOTAL: 108
Speaking: 30
Listening: 27
Reading: 26
Writing: 25
By the way, the independent essay was so awfully hypothetical. The integrated task was about a specific type of butterfly and whether it should be legal or not to use pesticides that destroy its favourite flowers.
Many thanks to you again, would definitely not have worked out without your help! – THANK YOU SO MUCH!

Andrea K.:
I just wanted to inform you that I passed the TOEFL test with a score of 78. I had in reading 14, in listening 18, speaking 26 and writing 20, in total 78. For my university 75 was the limit for the TOEFL test so I have started my „Executive Master of Science in Finance“. The TOEFL test was the last paper which was needed for my master diploma. Thank you very much for your support and your training for the TOEFL test. Some greetings to Mr. Spitta, tell him he had a good feeling that I will pass the TOEFL test.
With best regards from Sissach, Switzerland

Max L.:
yesterday I got my score from my TOEFL test. I reached 89 points.More than enough for my medicine degree in Riga. My strongest part was speaking about university lectures, after that at second place was the listening part. I just wanted to thank you for my good prep and the funny classes. Overall, I can say the test situation and the level of the test were very difficult! Best regards and I hope to meet you maybe again

Christian K.:
Thanks for the preparation. I got 114 pts in the test and can apply for the master studies now.


Sophie B.:
Just wanted to let you know that I’ve got 115 points on the TOEFL test and I am very happy. Thanks for your help!

Christian K.:
Thanks for the preparation. I got 114 pts in the test and can apply for the master studies now.

Jens B.:
Gustavo: I can’t believe it :). I have a score of 108! 28p Reading, 28p listening, 27p speaking and 25p writing. Very nice. Thx again

Mona K.:
Catherine: Today I got my TOEFL scores and I got 103.
Reading 25
Listening 30
Speaking 28
Writing 20
Total 103
Thank you so much for your help!!!

Inga G.:
Sorry for my late email.
Once back in the office the TOEFL test was almost forgotten
I felt that the test was quite hard, especially as I -of course- had 5 reading passages.
Well, I received my results on Monday and I got 108
This even topped the 105 I needed for Warwick.
Thank you once again for the week in Frankfurt. Although it was a quite exhausting week it was also fun

Christian S.:
I would like to thank you for your help. You helped me to get a score of ….. 100!!!! ….. And as you know, I speak a kind of (what would you call it?) „kanacken-german-english“.
THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR YOUR HELP… I would have never ever got such a score without your help! THANK YOU…

Christian S.:
I had an ok feeling after the TOEFL test, and was quite sure I had to do it again. I messed up the reading part, basically I didn`t understand one word of the first text passage.
Therefore I was prepared to take the test again, back in Switzerland. But today I got my results: 104 Points!!!!!
I am soooo relieved, you cannot imagine. I would have hated it, to learn all these words again……Thanx so much for your help. Without it I wouldn`t have had a chance.
Reading 24
Listening 30
Speaking 26
Reading 24
Total 104
it was a pleasure working with you. Thanx again and all the best for you

Benedikt C.:
I would like to thank you for your very helpful lessons to prepare for my TOEFL test. My result is 105 points which are divided into 29 in listening, 27 in reading, 25 in writing and 24 points in speaking. Thank you for helping me achieving my aim of more than 100 points.

Kristopher K.:
I just received my TOEFL score(s) …. Reading: 28, Listening: 30, Speaking: 24, Writing: 29 = 111
It’s absolutely amazing – thank you so much for your brilliant help!!

Peter V.:
Gustavo…..You will go to Heaven:-))))) I got 113 points:-))))))) Many Thanks!!! Peter

Achim M.:
Hello Catherine, I’ve got 110 points in the TOEFL. Considering my feelings after the test I’m really relieved that it is finally so good. Thank you for the good preparation.
Best regards, Achim

Jessica A.:
I just wanted to tell you that I reached a TOEFL score of 101
All because of your training

Heiko S.:
Want to inform you that my results are there: 110 points.
Reading 29
Listening 28
Speaking 24
Writing 29
I thought to get a better Speaking score but all in all the total score is fine. Thanks a lot for your help!

Daniela P. & Peter H.:
We recently received our Toefl- Scores and were quite satisfied.
Peter: 98 (23 Reading, 25 Listening, 28 Speaking, 22 Writing)
Daniela: 102 (24 Reading, 27 Listening, 27 Speaking, 24 Writing)
We both think that the one week training session was very vital for our scores and helped Daniela to improve her scores, compared to her first exam (90). I (Peter) am also very happy about my scores, considering that it was my first exam.
Thank you very much for your professional work and the outstanding circumstances given to us during our stay in Frankfurt. If there are any further tests or preps in the future we will certainly try to do this at your institute.

Florian O.:
I thank you SO much! I just read about my score and have reached 105. So that’s exactly what I needed. In detail:
R: 28
L: 27
S: 26
W: 24
I hoped to have more points in writing but therefore I got more in speaking!!!!!!! You can’t imagine how happy I am! And the last three weeks were so hard for me. I was biting my nails about the score and thought I might get an EMAIL from TOEFL. This morning I called Martin and he asked me if I had checked in the Internet. I just checked… I just got my GMAT training with Brian and now I can focus on training for the GMAT with this TOEFL in my bag. It’s one step on the road to the MBA. If I will succeed in the GMAT as well I can apply to a top school. And that’s the only place I want to get my MBA. So thanks again and see you in Frankfurt. I’ll let you know when I’m down there.

Agnieszka K.:
I GOT 100 points!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU SOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH!!!! If not because of you I never would score it!!!! I got 25 points in writing and without the course this would never happen. So now I have to collect all the documents and apply for LLM. I start believing that my life will only get better now.

Sofia P.:
Hello Catherine,
I have just got my result for TOEFL
R: 30 / Ln:26 / Sp:30 / Wr: 25 = Total 111
I need at least 109 and at least 25 in writing section. So I’m absolutely satisfied!
I have no idea how they evaluated the speaking section (probably there is a mistake :-)) Anyhow, I followed all the pattern that you gave me for the speaking section incl. transition. For the writing section I think that I provided good structure and enough volume, but I probably did too many grammar mistakes.
My result for the previous test was a below:
R:29 / Ln:28 / Sp:23 / Wr: 22 = Total 102
So from my point of view there is a significant improvement and I’m really happy about that. I thank you again for your support and wish you all the best for the future!

Petra K.:
I have just received my results from the TOEFL test and want to inform you, as promised, about my results: I scored 114 ! I really could not believe it when I saw the result this morning – it is a great feeling and I want to thank you for all your support! It was a hard, but great week in Frankfurt!!

Sebastian J.:
Finally I got my TOEFL scores. I scored 88 points and I’m happy about it. Surprisingly I got 28 of 30 points in the speaking section. In the writing section I got 21 points and in the reading section I got 24 points. Thank you for all your help!

Heike T.:
You kicked me in my ass, but it worked! I got the 90 points I need for the Munich Business School. You are great and I hope, a lot more students will understand that your method leads to success! Thank you so very much and hope to hear from you again.

Moritz F.:
To begin with, I should like to say sorry for telling you the result of my TOEFL-Test sooooo late. It’s just, I was a little confused about the way getting my results, because I had thought to get it by E-Mail. As a matter of fact I had to look at my TOEFL-Account on the internet, where the results have been presented since Sept. 25 th :“> … So, I got a score of 101 points! I am really content with that result, because in a way it is „effective“ … maybe you remember that I needed 100 points in order to apply at Oxford and I’ve reached that aim. I got 5 texts according to the reading passage (this was quite o.k.) and because of this I was dealing with the listening passage while all the other students around me started speaking – it was a real problem to focus on the voices of my head-set (and not on the voices around me). Therefore, I got a score of 24 in the listening passage, which I mostly absolved with a score of 29-30 in the training-sessions. Well, next time I’ll use ear-plugs According to the speaking passage, I got 27 and according to the writing, I got 25 … THANKS TO YOU. Thank you again for your fantastic training!!! You gave us a strong motivation and very important facilities in order to handle with the test. I wouldn’t have reached my aim without your help! I wish you all the very best a student can wish, yours sincerely, Moritz

Jennifer O.:
omg guess what, I got 105 on the TOEFL !!! I’m still not sure if I should take the Sat too but I think I will so that I have better chances to get into the college that I want to go to …:) how are you ? I’m so happy! When I was in Düsseldorf taking the test I was so nervous. There were sooooo many people in one room and they were all older than me but I did it anyways Thank you so much for helping me! I hope I can take another course for the Sat working together with you!

Ferdaws M.:
I hope you´re fine. Well here is my TOEFL score : 100
Reading: 22 —> I had some problems with the first text because I was nervous and I started to early, so the people around me really disturbed me when they were adjusting their microphones
Listening: 29–> that was quite good, I wasn´t nervous anymore
Speaking: 24–> It was really difficult to concentrate, because some people really talked very loud, but it was ok
Writing: 25 —-> It was very good, no difficult subject, think I had some grammar problems
Well, I don´t know what to say, I am so happy!!!!! I just needed 79!!!!! I can´t believe it, I had to look 5 times before I could realize this score. Thank you very much for your help and that you helped me to believe in myself. My English is not good enough to explain how happy I am and how much I want to thank you. Beyond the shadow of a doubt your lessons and your course material are brilliant and I can say without them, I would have a score not higher than 60. THANK YOU!!

Michael V.:
I received my results of the TOEFL today – Thanks to your lessons I scored 108 out of 120! => not too bad cu & thanks again

Uwe V.:
Again I want to thank you so much for preparing me for the TOEFL and the Interviews; thank you for having been such a patient as well as motivating teacher, who kicked me in the a… in the right moments. I love you! The hundreds of “you have 15 seconds to prepare and 45 seconds to record your answer” and the nerve-wrecking role plays in your mock interviews paid off. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Best wishes, Uwe (your impatient student)

Eva-Sophie R.:
I GOT 108 POINTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And I only needed 95!!!!!! I can’t believe it!!!!
THANK YOU!!!!!! You made it possible!!!!
Oh my God, I am soooo happy.
Hope you are doing fine and thanks for your help.


Kathrin B.:
do you remember me? It´s me Kathrin. I was in your course from March 16-20. Last Friday I got my Score…Total 65!!! For me, it´s unbelievable. I´m totally happy. I needed 45 points for the FH in Worms. Reading: 7 Listening: 20 Speaking: 18 (I´ve no idea why) Writing: 20 (I´m speechless) Thank you very much for your good teaching and that you believed in me.

Jürgen F.:
I just wanted to let you know, as promised, that I scored 111 in the TOEFL. Needless to say I am delighted. Thanks to your drilling I got 26 on the speaking – my „weak area“. Thank you very much for your help. Best regards, Jürgen


Marion E.:
I got my TOEFL-score today. I got 108, especially the speaking part was really great, I scored 29. It´s unbelievable because when I was done with the test I somehow had a really bad feeling. Your tips were great and really helpful.

Melanie W.:
After less sleep every night since the 16th. I got my results yesterday. 85 points. Maybe not very good but it is enough for my university, I needed 80.
Thank you for the hard training.

Alexander U.:
as promised, my mail to you with the TOEFL-result. I can only say: thanks for the nice time in your course and the thorough preparation AND I am more than happy to be another of your students who can say: We have made it!!!!!!!!!! Just a second ago I logged in and saw the results. As you said, it went better than I thought. I scored a 107, including a 28 in reading, after your awesome tips!!! (Listening 28, Speaking 27 and Writing 24).That’s enough for all schools. The only part that’s now (and still) missing for my application is the GMAT. BUT, I made a trial test yesterday and saw a 700 at the end. I just have to do the same on the real one. So easy is that ;-))))). Thanks again for all your support and the funny course. Hope to see you again.

Dominique S.:
I finally received my TOEFL score. Satisfying 113 points so I just cancelled the test in December. Instead I will spend a nice day eating „Lebkuchen“and drinking hot chocolate.

Thomas W.:
I received my TOEFL results today and scored 109 (R:28 L:27 S:26 W:28)!
Thanks for your great support and the great help concerning the CV and lom! I already received my letter of admission and with my TOEFL results I am going to a be a part-time student starting in October

Adrian B.:
I just received my TOEFL result and got astonishing (at least for me) 108 points. INSEAD, here I come! My weakest part was writing with only 24: 5.0 in integrated task plus a weak free essay could have been better, but lost my concentration after 4 hours…Although I got a 29 in reading and listening, I found the level of these sections much more challenging compared to Longman. The passages where longer and the speakers had a noticeable accent.
I would like to thank you for the great preparation, you enthusiasm and patience with us. The one-week course paid off for me.

Frank T.:
I just got my TOEFL score, 111 out of 120 points that’s great!!! Thanks for your support.

Verena R.:
I wanted to say hello and tell you my final TOEFL score which I achieved: 102 points!!! I got 26 points for my essays! Thank you, thank you, thank you for your very hard work and patience. I hope you are not disappointed. You wanted me to get 120:-(

Yannis C.:
I received my result today…I made it to the EBS!!! Sorry that I did not believe you when you told me this! I have to say „Thank You“, because without the work with you, I don’t think that I could have made it!…

Guido S.:
I am really glad, that I can finally tell you I go the TOEFL-score I wanted!!!!Structure was the best part with 25 points (because of you!!!). Thank you very, much for your top training, for your patience, for your motivation and for believing in me! Lessons with you were a lot of fun, I enjoyed learning with you (so different from my „drill instructors“who cared about nobody but themselves in school) and always looked forward to the TOEFL lessons.

Nicole F.:
Thanks a lot for all your help and your specialized training. I wouldn’t have reached such a result if you didn’t urge me on the stuff I needed.

Benjamin B.:
I just wanted to say: Thank you! The week, I was trained, and motivated plenty by you, was really helpful. Moreover, I definitely appreciate your additional time you victimized in order to enhance my skills. (the essays you corrected, the energy you put into me, your motivation…) You truly did a good job and I hope I’ll do a good job as well, while preparing on my own for TOEFL.

Stephan F.:
just got my TOEFL-score: 98! WE DID IT! Hey, it was a piece of cake C-; . The listening section was quite tricky. I think I only had 23 there. Reading was good (24 or 25, don’t know). Speaking was B.E.A.UTIFUL: 26, almost everything right! I hated my essay-topic, so I wrote anything and just tried to K.I.S.S. and structure it and had a 25. That’s OK although I think I’m able to write a 30 with the right topic (aber es läuft ja nie alles perfekt) and 98 is enough for the EBS and WHU. I’m happy that I had the 98 at the first try and that I don’t have to pass the test again. Thank you for that!

Vera F.:
Good news: I received a score of exactly 107 today! Thank you for your help and patience, enjoy your vacation.

Carolin D.:
I just wanted to thank you for preparing my TOEFL essay with me. I got 103 points in the TOEFL which means that is enough for St. Gallen! Right now I am learning for my GMAT which I have to take tomorrow.

Inga W.:
As you know I had my TOEFL appointment. I couldn’t say anything about it despite the fact that it I was very tired afterwards. I could not finish my essay which was about university for all or only for clever ones. But the outcome is overwhelming: I got 106 points.
I have to thank you so much I couldn’t perform like this without your help!
If you have some free time in your packed timetable I would be glad to offer you a coffee and to thank you in person

Peter P.:
It was a great week, sad that it’s over, we really enjoyed it, and you are an excellent coach! We definitely have to hook up (right??), but not until I’ve finished my thesis!

Werner P.:
Thank you very much for your assistance. I did it. TOEFL rewarded me with 102 points. Thank you for your great preparation!! I hope to meet you soon again, maybe I will visit Frankfurt for leisure soon. Many greetings from Italy.


TOEFL Vorbereitung


The best results can be achieved if you take your test immediately after the TOEFL preparation course. Our group courses have been organised in a manner so that you can take the TOEFL test shortly thereafter. We recommend that those students, who have attended a preparation course at MBAhelp, also sit the TOEFL test with us, because they are familiar with our facilities and test centres. Please phone us to inquire about course availability and testing sites.

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Arrival Minitests 2 and 3, Reading Comprehension exercises Minitests 5 and 6, Reading Comprehension and Listening Comprehension exercises Minitests 7 and 8, Reading Comprehension and Listening Comprehension exercises Long Test 2, Essays 8 and 9


Introduction to the TOEFL iBT Lunch break Lunch break Lunch break Lunch break




TOEFL iBT: Mastering the Reading Comprehension and Writing sections TOEFL iBT: Mastering the Listening Comprehension and Speaking sections TOEFL iBT: Tips and tricks on how to improve your Reading Comprehension skills. Better scores on the Independent and Integrated Tasks of the Writing section Improving your scores in the Independent and the Integrated tasks of the Speaking section. Summary of all 4 sections of the IBT. Test taking strategies.



Reading Comprehension exercises, Minitest 1, Essays 1-3 Listening Comprehension exercises, Minitest 4, Essay 5 Reading Comprehension exercises, Essays 6 + 7 Listening Comprehension exercises, Long Test 1 Leave
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Arrival Self Study

Minitests 2 and 3, Reading Comprehension exercises

Self Study

Reading Comprehension exercises

Self Study

Minitests 7 and 8, Reading Comprehension and Listening Comprehensions exercises

Self Study

Long Test 2, Essays 8 and 9



Introduction to the TOEFL iBT Lunch break Lunch break Lunch break Lunch break




Group Instruction

TOEFL iBT: Mastering the Reading Comprehension and Writing sections

Group Instruction

TOEFL iBT: Mastering the Listening Comprehension and Speaking sections

Group instruction

TOEFL iBT: Tips and tricks on how to improve your Reading Comprehension skills. Better scores on the Independent and Integrated tasks of the Writing section

Group instruction

Improving your scores in the Independent and the Integrated tasks of the Speaking section.

Group instruction

Summary of all 4 sections of the IBT. Test taking strategies.




Self Study

Reading Comprehension exercises


Block 1

Self Study

Minitests 5 and 6, Reading Comprehension and Listening Comprehensions exercises

Individual lesson

Block 2




Self Study


Minitest 1, Essays 1-3

Self Study

Listening Comprehension exercises, Minitest 4, Essay 5

Self Study

Essays 6 + 7

Self Study

Listening Comprehension exercises, Long Test 1

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Please phone us for information on private lesson TOEFL courses:
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Do you have questions regarding the TOEFL iBT or strategy on how to achieve better results? Then talk to one of our TOEFL coaches. They can be reached from 10:00 to 19:00 every day at our TOEFL Hotline on 069-238593-12. Consultation is free of charge.



Several of our MBAhelp TOEFL preparation course graduates (from both group and individual classes) have achieved high scores of above 112 points, but now the previous top score of 118 points was topped: it is with great pleasure that we congratulate our student who scored a perfect 120 a few days ago and has thus come much closer to achieving his personal goals.



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